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Diagnostic Psychological Evaluation

  • Typical first step after referral by attending physician or social service staff
  • Personal clinical interview and mental status exam
  • Chart review, family and staff consultation
  • Additional testing as needed
  • Written summary of findings, diagnostic impressions, and recommendation submitted

Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Residents already being treated with psychotropic drugs will be evaluated by psychiatric team for medication management
  • When initial diagnosis by psychologist indicates consideration of pharmacotherapy

Neuropsychological Testing

  • Testing can be arranged when clinically indicated or with suspicion of organic brain impairment
  • One or two testing sessions performed by psychologist
  • Data can be used for determining differential diagnosis, appropriate level of care and/or discharge planning for the cognitively impaired resident


Individual Psychotherapy

  • Implemented with residents whose cognitive capabilities are anticipated to allow their psychological and/or emotional disorders to benefit from this modality
  • Intervention to alleviate or modify troublesome symptoms, patterns of behavior, personal distress and/or suffering
  • Sessions are scheduled at intervals determined by the therapist until therapeutic objectives have been achieved

Group Psychotherapy

  • Modality may be available in some instances
  • Groups comprised based on appropriate clinical indicators
  • Scheduled at intervals determined by the therapist until therapeutic objectives are achieved
  • Can be provided concurrent with Individual Psychotherapy when clinically indicated

Psychopharmacological Treatment

  • Each referred resident who receives one or more psychotropic drugs is regularly seen by our psychiatric team for close, careful monitoring of the medications
  • Gradual Dose Reductions and AIMS/DISCUS Testing are performed at appropriate intervals
  • Lowest dose of medication necessary to provide immediate relief is prescribed

Additional Services

Family Therapy

  • Families can be seen in a therapeutic context to:
  • educate on the condition and treatment of the resident,
  • assist in the implementation of procedures for managing problem behaviors, and
  • address other problems or conflicts that may be aggravating the resident’s emotional well being
  • Significant family issues may be identified during the initial diagnostic evaluation or during ongoing psychotherapy

In-Service Staff Training

  • Training programs to nursing home staff on a broad range of mental health issues pertinent to the long term care resident, customizable to the facility needs
  • Reinforcing the concepts of prevention, resident/caregiver relationships and patient/centered, holistic care
  • Four complimentary in-services annually are included in our partnership agreement

Behavioral Committee Meetings

Members of Seniors Wellness Group are available to participate in your Behavioral Committee or Interdisciplinary Team Meetings on a regular basis